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Lost: Sundown Wacky Theory

March 4th, 2010

Old Testament PiratesSo in the latest episode we saw Sayid and the Samurai fight. Then Claire show up and no one killed her, even though last episode the black guy was begging to snap her neck. Then the man in black was stabbed but wouldn’t die. Prompting Sayid to go back to the temple, let in the man in black, kill the Samurai and John Lennon and pretty much everyone without a name.

So what does this have to do with the big theory? Well clearly this indicates that the Island, is really managed by Old Testament God. The black death that flies over is symbolic of Passover. Did you see where Kate and Claire were “Passed Over”. Yeah, definitely vengeful Old Testament God.

Sayid has to kill the Samurai and John Lennon because Smoke monster can’t. See Samurais and John Lennon are atheists. And if you don’t believe in Old Testament god then Man In Black can’t kill you.

so the Island is where Old Testament God lives. Jacob is New Testament God. He wouldn’t let Old Testament God leave the island. But now he can, because he killed New Testament God and now Old Testament God is looking for some reconciliation.

And old testament god likes to hang out with pirates.

My prediction for the next episode: We will see old testament god board a pirate ship and sail the seven seas looking for lost treasures and singing sea shanties.