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Lost Post: Season 6 Overview

February 13th, 2010

Okay, so Lost is awesome.  If you don’t like it, I understand.  Its a complicated show and its fun to watch mostly for the enjoyment of being confused and trying to make sense of that confusion.  After 5 seasons, I’m finally trying to straighten it out, publicly.  I’ve recently started a “Lost Lunch” group where after every episode we summarize our theories and try to come to some consensus.  I hope others jump on this blog and read more as well.

Structure of these posts

In order to allow posts to be easy but also searchable I will kep all Lost posts as “TV>Lost” category.  But I will put tags in for significant characters/theories, so that we can easily see related information.  We will have to see how it works out.

The Undeniables

It’s Lost so its tough to label something “undeniable” but you have some foundation to build a theory and it should satisfy all the “undeniable” events.

  • There are flash-backs, flash-forwards and flash-sideways. Flash-backs were used in early episodes to give back story on the characters.  Flash-forwards were used as a shocking twist initially, and seemed to be important only as a dramatic effect, showing the arc of the characters who escaped from the island.  Flash-sideways indicate at least one alternate reality, two separate worlds with all the same familiar characters partaking in completely different events.  While they are completely different, some characters clearly sense a connection to other characters, as if deja vu.
  • Dead is dead. This was an early statement by the producers, in the first season.  Some would say that back then they didn’t know what they were doing and to disregard the statement.  I disagree, I think death plays an important role in the show.  Locke is dead.  The person taking the form of Locke is the smoke monster.  Most likely the smoke monster is the “Man in Black” that talked with Jacob on the beach.  This is primarily because Dead Locke convinced Ben to kill Jacob.  I don’t believe there is a specific reference to Dead Locke being the Man in Black, but it would make the most sense.
  • Jacob guides people to the island. Several characters have been guided to the island through Jacob’s direct interaction as well as the “Man in Black” directly saying that an approaching ship was brought by Jacob.  It can easily be presumed that he also subtly nudges events that get people to the island.
  • Dead Locke is the smoke monster and he can take the form of at least dead people. He has clearly taken the form of Dead Locke.  He has also taken the form of Mr. Eko’s brother (implied, but now I feel its pretty indesputable with the Dead Locke reveal).  There are other dead people that he could have introduced himself as, such as Jack’s Dead father.
  • Women can not become pregnant on the island. No idea how this is relevant, but just one of those things.
  • Fast healing is not a trait of the island. Implied in the first season, with Locke’s ability to walk and Rose’s cured cancer, that the island has magical properties.  Unfortunately there is no consistency.
  • Rules strictly govern the Man in Black and Jacob.  The Man in Black cannot kill Jacob although he desperately wants to.  Witmore  and Ben can’t kill each other either.  Although it is unclear that is a “respected” rule or actually a “law” which physically can’t be done.

That’s it for now.