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Lost: Episode 5 Sundown Summary

March 6th, 2010

In a flash sideways, Sayid visits his brother and Nadia, the former love of his life.  There is clearly love triangle/tension between Sayid, Nadia and his brother.

Back at the Temple, Sayid wants answers.  Dogan explains that every person has a scale of good and evil.  He was tested to discover that Sayid’s scale was “tipped the wrong way” and he would be better off dead.  Sayid and Dogan get into a nice torturer versus Samurai battle.  Just as Dogan is about to kill him, the baseball drops on the floor, and Dogan instead banishes Sayid from the temple.

Locke and Claire stand at the boundary around the Temple that the Locke can’t cross.  Claire asks why Jin or Sawyer can’t go do the task instead of her. Claire agrees to do it, in order to get her son back.  Locke “always does what [he says]” and he’ll only hurt the ones that don’t listen.

In the flash sideways, Sayid’s brother borrowed money from some mafia types for his second store.  He complains that he has to pay “interest” for as long as he owns the business.  Sayid’s brother wants him to torture or kill his problem away.  Sayid doesn’t want to, but the brother reminds him that Nadia and the children’s lives are also at stake.  Sayid still says no.

At the temple, Sayid begins to pack and leave.  Miles informs Sayid that the temple people were unsuccessful at saving him.  He was dead for 2 hours.  Whatever saved him, wasn’t those at the Temple.  Claire bursts in and tells Dogan that Locke wants to see him.  Dogan knows he would be killed, so he must send someone Locke won’t kill.  With Jack and Hurley gone, Dogan must send Sayid into the Jungle to kill Locke.

Dogan explains a bit more to Sayid, that the Man In Locke controls Claire, is no longer under control of Jacob and will now kill every living thing on the island.  If there is still good in Sayid, he will have to prove it by killing Locke.

Back in FSW, Sayid is walking the kids to the bus, when a distraught Nadia informs Sayid that his brother was part of an apparent mugging.  At the hospital, they walk by Jack.  Nadia begs Sayid to not seek revenge, but instead to head home and wait for the kids.

On the island, Sayid runs into Kate, sending her back to the temple and talk to Miles.  After some witty discussion (including an odd phrase by Miles, “welcome back to the surface”), Miles informs Kate that Claire is back, weird and still hot.

Sayid is greeted in the jungle to crazy smoke monster sounds and wind.  Locke appears, Sayid stabs him, but Locke just pulls the knife out and offers it back to Sayid.  Locke tells Sayid that the reason he was sent to kill Locke was that Dogan wanted Sayid dead.  Sayid asks, since he isn’t dead, that there must be something Locke wants him to do.  Locke offers to give him anything in the world he wants.  If he goes back to the Temple and gives them a message, he can have it.  Sayid wants the love of his life, that died in his arms back.

At the FSW, Nadia and Sayid are back at the house, discussing the situation.  Nadia feels the loan is Omar’s responsibility.   Nadia wants to know why Sayid pushed her away and towards his brother so long ago.  Sayid says that he is a bad person and doesn’t deserve to be with her.

Back at the Temple, Sayid returns and gives Locke’s message.  Jacob is dead.  The man is leaving the island at sundown.  Anyone that wants to go with him needs to join him, or die.

Kate seeks out Claire, kept in a prison hole in the temple.  She is singing all crazy.  Kate tells Claire that the baby is safely off the island raised by Kate.  Claire doesn’t seem happy, but represses her anger.  Claire informs Kate that “he is coming and they can’t stop him”.  Some people are spooked by Sayid’s message and are leaving the temple.

In FSW, two men show up at the house, to pickup Sayid.  They speak Arabic and seem to be the same thugs that put Omar in the hospital.  They take him to a restaurant where Martin Keamy (the man who Witmore sent to the island to kill Ben) seems to be the man behind the loan.  Sayid kills the guards and Keamy.  Then, hearing sounds, discovers Jin tied up in one of the food lockers.

Back at the temple, Sayid finds Dogan staring at his ball by the spring.  Dogan explains that he was responsible for killing his son, in a drunk driving accident.  Jacob offered to save Dogan’s son if Dogan would come to the island and perfrom a new job, but Dogan would never be able to see his son again.  Dogan realizes that Sayid was offered a similar bargain by Locke.  Dogan asks Sayid if he is going to stay or go and is shocked that Sayid has chosen to stay.  Then Sayid drowns Dogan in the spring.  Lennon shows up proclaiming that Dogan’s death will allow the smoke monster into the temple.  Sayid says “I know” and slices Lennon’s throat.

The smoke monster enters, and begins the slaughter.  Kate moves to save Clair.  Miles tries to barricade a door only to be discovered by Lepidus, Ben, Sun and the Ilana.  Kate finds Claire, but has to dodge the smoke monster, which seems to ignore them both.

Ben finds Sayid, but upon contact, realizes that Sayid is evil.  Sun finds out Jin is alive, but that it was not there.  Ilana takes them all into the secret exit that Hurley used.  With all the rest of the temple killed, Sayid, Claire and Kate meet with Locke and group of disheveled “others”.  None of them appear to be people that left the temple in hopes of safety.  Locke seems amused that Kate is in the bunch.

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Lost: Sundown

March 3rd, 2010

Okay, I just watched the latest Sundown episode. I must say, that I was disappointed in the episode. The writing was excellent, the acting was superb. The problem I have is that it broke away from the science aspect of the show. It was a very “spiritual” show, highlighting a war between good and evil, even defining the Man-In-Black as “evil incarnate”. While I certainly appreciate a philosophical look at the battles within humanity, what i really want is to see a science fiction definition of why humanity is a battle between good and evil. I hope this isn’t just an island, with two angels on it, trapped and expected to spend eternity battling, by some supreme being.

That would just be completely uninteresting and make a majority of episodes meaningless.

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Lost: Big Questions

February 24th, 2010

Charlie from LostSo watching Lost is like putting together a puzzle.  But rather than having all the pieces, you only get 10 at a time.  And the 10 you get don’t necessarily relate to the ones you already have or even each other.  If you don’t like putting together a puzzle and need all the pieces before you start, I’m sure you are not reading this post.

So that said, the last 6 years have brought up some big questions.  The first was “What is in the jungle monster thing that ate the pilot?”.  Second was probably “Why is their a polar bear in the jungle?”  Now those questions feel quite insubstantial.  Here are the following questions I’m most concerned about, right now:

1. Why is the island worth protecting? MIB claims that Jacob is looking for a replacement.  The Losties are candidates.  Clearly Jacob has been on the island for 100’s if not thousands of years.  What has he been protecting?  DHARMA thought the island was scientifically relevant.  It seemed to have an energy that allowed for time travel.  That seems like one aspect.  It is not merely time travel.  It’s a nexus point.  A location that will sway the balance of power between good and evil to whomever controls it.

2. Does magic exist in the Lost universe? The Lost episodes seem to fluctuate between very high level science/science fiction stuff and some straight up wacky mystic stuff.  In season 1 the monster seemed quite mystical, in fact Locke was in “Awe” of it.  Later we see it as a smoke monster that can take forms of people (although it may be limited to dead people).    And yet there seems to be a concerted effort to make it sound like mechanical/technological.  After a season of “Faraday” and advanced physics and science, we are introduced to ancient temples with healing pools, wheels of time, and Alexandrian lighthouses with magical mirrors that see to distant locations or other universes.  Will these be “scientifically” explained?   The fact that many of the characters try to “make sense” of what is going on, is very scientific in nature.  A large portion of the conflict has been Locke’s “faith” versus Jack’s “science”.  Should ever an explanation be “it’s magical” I think I would be disappointed.

3. What are the “rules” and what prevents people from breaking them?  Who defines them? Several characters have been restricted by “the rules”, Ben and Whitmore, Jacob and MIB.  Mostly it has to do with killing each other.  But MIB found a loophole.  Which doesn’t seem like much of a loophole since all he did was ultimately get Ben to kill Jacob.  It doesn’t seem like, with all of the Smoke Monsters abilities, he couldn’t have seduced someone else to kill Jacob in hundreds of years.  There must be more to “the rules”.  MIB seems to simply want to leave the island and live his life.  Why can’t he?

These are the questions that consume me as I try to put the Lost puzzle together.  I certainly hope that the final season continues to provide satisfying answers.

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